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Do real vampires actually exist in our world?

This book is not about how the vampire has been portrayed in fiction through history. This is also not a book about the supernatural vampire that has frightened humanity through the ages. The books theme is about alive and breathing humans who have made vampirism a part of their lifestyle. They call themselves real vampires.

Vampires in films are often portrayed as night-active creatures, and spend the day in the comfort and safety, resting in their coffins. But how well does this picture match vampirists and how do you know if someone is one? Perhaps there are reasons to suspect if the person in question constantly wears sunglasses, gets easily tanned and looks almost rudely young for their age. There exists a flurry of lists to check off if vampirism is suspected, thus, opinions are split as to what the state means and what criteria to be met.

The author will guide you through various definitions of what a real vampire is, and how come they claim to be among us. This book will also bring up different vampiric activities, authentic violent crimes, diseases, research and religious communities - everything you always wanted to know about vampires!

Title: Vampirist: a book about real vampires
Available: 2018-03-10
Publisher: Makaber
Language: English
Swedish version published 2017-12-03